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Follow Up

Analyze your trade fair participation with us so that you can target your customers more accurately in future.

Post Trade Show Evaluation & Follow-up

One of the most overlooked aspects of trade shows is following up on all leads obtained from the event in a timely manner and conducting a post show evaluation. No doubt, you will have some catch up to do after the trade show but the key to success is to prioritize your post trade show activities.

First, follow-up with all urgent issues immediately. Second, deal with issues that have come up with existing clients while you were away. Lastly, put all non-critical functions aside and start your trade show follow-up.

EXPOPATNER offers fast and efficient Trade Show Follow-up. We can capitalize on your warm leads obtained at trade shows by applying our Lead Generation and Appointment Setting services immediately. These excellent trade show leads need to be contacted quickly. We take them and separate the sales-ready opportunities from the future opportunities, while removing the tire kickers.
Recent research out of Marketing Sherpa indicates the importance of not letting trade show leads time to cool down; instead, they should have quick follow-up, generally within 48 hoursafter the show. When you turn over your leads to EXPOPARTNER, we will help you assess who needs to be given priority so your sales time is most productive.